About us

Hi! Welcome to our family! Has it ever happened to you that you have people coming over or are celebrating a special occasion and are unsure about what to serve? Your busy schedule keeps you from preparing delicious stuff? Or you just want to try something new? 
Whichever the case might be, we got your back! At de sucre & de miel, we prepare delicious deserts, baked goods and sweets that you will love and that will impress your guests!

We come from a family where food was a mean to bring people together, something that was always enjoyed in company of our most beloved friends and family members. 
Whichever the occasion was: birthdays, Mother’s day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and many other special days, we gathered with our most beloved family and friends and shared meals, those moments brought us closer together and created everlasting memories.

At de sucre & de miel, we are passionate about providing our customers with delicious baked goods and sweets they will love, enjoy and serve at their events or special occasions. We strongly believe that food is something to be enjoyed and that brings people together, be it families, friends or colleagues.

We want our customers to have a warm and loving experience when they purchase our products, not only through great customer service, but also by providing them with amazing products that taste like home. In short, we want our customers to feel like part of our family.

The story

In 2016, my family was affected by cancer; and as you might imagine, it was the most difficult and stressful situation I have ever been through.
This stress started to affect my life and health, so I needed to find a way to relax and cope with this hard situation; and I found it: baking!

I started to bake old family recipes, the ones my grandma and my mom used to prepare since I can remember (and probably even before I was even born). Then, I started to challenge myself with new and fancy recipes, and I realized that baking was more than just going to the kitchen and preparing food, it was a mean for me to distract myself and feel relaxed and proud of myself.

I can now tell, that thanks to cancer, I found my passion in life, and I want to share my passion with others; this is why I decided to create de sucre & de miel. Welcome!

Our values

Social Involvement

At de sucre & de miel, we believe in being socially involved. The main cause that we want to contribute to, is to help Sarcoma research and care; because of this, we donate 10% of our profits to the “Sarcoma Research and Care Fund” of the Cedars Cancer Centre at the MUHC. This cause is really close to our hearts, as we were personally affected by Sarcoma. We hope that one day, no one will suffer from any type of Sarcoma.

As well, we partnered with The Yellow Door to donate one monthly treat for their volunteer of the month. You can learn more about this amazing organization here.

Natural & Fresh

At de sucre & de miel, we believe in providing our clients only with the best.
We provide the residents of Montreal with fresh-baked pastries, baked goods and other sweets on custom orders. All of our products are homemade from scratch with high quality, natural and fresh ingredients; without the use of preservatives or artificial flavours.

We work daily, day and night to provide our customers with a great service and products that they can proudly serve at their personal and professional events.