The Story


In 2016, my family was affected by cancer; and as you might imagine, it was the most difficult and stressful situation I have ever been through.
This stress started to affect my life and health, so I needed to find a way to relax and cope with this hard situation; and I found it: baking!

I started to bake old family recipes, the ones my grandma and my mom used to prepare since I can remember (and probably even before I was even born). Then, I started to challenge myself with new and fancy recipes, and I realized that baking was more than just going to the kitchen and preparing food, it was a mean for me to distract myself and feel relaxed and proud of myself.

I can now tell, that thanks to cancer, I found my passion in life, and I want to share my passion with others; this is why I decided to create de sucre & de miel. Welcome!